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Resident Review
Dec 7, 2017
Originally when the PASRR regulations were completed in 1992, Resident Reviews were required annually.
Dementia, Mental Illness
Jul 26, 2017
The dementia exclusion for mental illness allows for the Level II evaluator to stop the evaluation if they determine that the diagnosis of dementia is primary and the mental illness (MI) diagnosis is secondary.  It is important to note that the diagnosis or verification of a diagnosis of MI and...
Level II, Laws and Rules
Jul 26, 2017
Since the ICD-10-CM coding went into effect on October 1, 2015, some State PASRR programs have reported an increase in PASRR volume, particularly in referrals for Level II Resident Reviews. The increase is largely attributed to the computer algorithm that converted ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes.
Level II, Personnel
Jun 11, 2014
Yes, hospitals can perform Level II evaluations -- provided they have the qualified staff. In order to complete these evaluations, hospitals would first have to negotiate payment rates with the relevant state agency.


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