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What else is involved in claiming the enhanced match rate beyond Form CMS-64?

Claiming the enhanced 75% match rate for PASRR-related activities means more than just completing Form CMS-64. States must also consider the following: 
  • The establishment of interagency agreements among the State Medicaid Agency (SMA), the state mental health authority (SMHA), and the state intellectual disability authority (SIDA). These relationships should be arranged in a way such that costs can be clearly traced, especially those that are related to PASRR.
  • A mechanism for the transfer of funds, which can take a variety of forms. In some states this involves the actual transfer of money from one account to another. Other states use a rolling credit/debit sheet that’s maintained among the participating agencies.
  • Time studies to provide evidence for claiming time that is spent on PASRR-related activities. There are many issues to consider when designing time studies, including variations in sample size, time of year, number of days, etc. The best design will depend to some degree on the specific activity being measured. Contracts between the State Medicaid Agency and its vendors (e.g. Level II evaluators) should clearly spell out the kinds of reports the vendor will provide to support the state's PASRR claims. For further information, see our FAQ How are PASRR-related costs claimed for staff whose time is split between PASRR-related activities and non-PASRR-related activities?
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