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What is the relationship between PASRR and MDS 3.0?

Recall that PASRR stands for "Preadmission Screening and Resident Review." By definition, PAS ("Preadmission Screening") must be performed before an individual is admitted to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility. A PAS that is completed after admission is illegal, and will result in sanctions from CMS. The MDS must first be completed within 14 days of admission.

PASRR and MDS are subsequently linked by MDS 3.0 Question A1500, which asks the following:

Has the resident been evaluated by Level II PASRR and determined to have a serious mental illness and/or intellectual disability or a related condition?

If the answer to this question is "yes" (coded as "1" in the MDS), and the individual has undergone a significant change in condition that affects their mental illness and/or intellectual disability, the nursing home should contact the mental health or intellectual disability authority, as appropriate.

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