The PASRR Technical Assistance Center helps states fulfill the goals of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review

What is the procedure for a Level I screen?

The CFR does not prescribe a particular method of conducting Level I evaluations, leaving states open to their own interpretations. In general, the Level I evaluation is based on pre-existing information, such as prior mental health diagnoses, and information gathered by the screener. Some states use short questionnaires as evaluation tools, which are quick and low cost, but also require that the screener have significant expertise on mental health and intellectual disabilities and PASRR more generally. Ideally, the tool (i.e. Level I screen) and screener should be matched such that an inexperienced screener can be aided by a comprehensive tool. In the event of a positive outcome, the screener should notify the individual (and their legal representatives) and the state mental health or intellectual disability authority for a Level II evaluation(s). 

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