The PASRR Technical Assistance Center helps states fulfill the goals of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review
12/11/2018 - December 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: The 2018 PTAC National Report: A Review
10/09/2018 - October 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: The Relationship Between PASRR and Other Nursing Home Requirements
09/11/2018 - September 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: Indiana PASRR Program Improvements - Part II
08/14/2018 - August 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: Indiana PASRR Program Improvements - Part I
07/10/2018 - July 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: Telehealth and PASRR: Opportunities for Preadmission Screening and Resident Review
06/12/2018 - June 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: The 30th Anniversary of PASRR
05/08/2018 - May 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: MDS State Profiles
04/10/2018 - April 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: Discharge Planning and Transitions into the Community
03/13/2018 - March 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: PASRR 101
02/13/2018 - February 2018 PASRR Webinar Topic: Findings from the 2017 PASRR National Report
12/12/2017 - December 2017 PASRR Webinar Topic: Leveraging Public Financing and Delivery System Changes to Fund Specialized Services
10/10/2017 - October 2017 PASRR Webinar Topic: PASRR Compliance in a Changing Long-Term Care Environment 
09/12/2017 - September 2017 PASRR Webinar Topic: Applying a Person-Centered Approach to PASRR
08/08/2017 - August 2017 PASRR  A PDF copy of the presentation slides is available at the bottom of this page.  
07/11/2017 - July 2017 PASRR Webinar Topic: Resident Review: A Critical Component to Achieving PASRR’s Vision
06/13/2017 - June 2017 PASRR Webinar Topic: Screens to Detect Common Behavioral Health Conditions
05/09/2017 - May 2017 PTAC Webinar Topic: How the PASRR Process Functions within a Nursing Facility
04/11/2017 - The April 2017 PASRR webinar "PASRR: The Dementia Exclusion for Serious Mental Illness" occured on Tuesday, April 11th, at 1 PM EST (10 AM...
03/14/2017 - The March 2017 PASRR webinar "Recent Findings from Analyses of Quality Monitoring and Quality Improvement Measures in PASRR and from the...


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